Games Around the World

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嗯~已經有5個禮拜沒有發網誌了! (感謝這段還是會有空路過看看的人,瀏覽的人數沒有掉太多^__^)



“Games Around the World" 這個Project (主題專案),

並不是我發起的,而是美國Westmoreland小學的Greg老師透過ePals邀請的,他是位體育老師,想讓他負責的3,4年級的小朋友透過寫信, 去詢問自己有興趣的其它國家的小朋友所在玩遊戲/運動, 學會後, 再教給老師及班上其它的小朋友知道. 以下截錄原文:

I am a Physical Education Teacher at Westmoreland Elementary School in the United States. My 3rd & 4th grade students are working on a project called “Games From Around The World", they are required to learn a game native to Taiwan and then teach it to myself and the other students! If you are interested please let me know!

They have to learn the game and then teach myself and the other students in the school how to play “your game". I have about five students that have chosen your country to learn about and become a pen pal or Epal with your students.

寒假前一週就接到Greg的學生寄來的信, 結果一忙就拖到現在, 上個星期又接來以下的來信:

I am putting together a bulletin board in our school to show everyone the great schools that are helping us from around the world. Could you please attach pics of your school, classroom, students, etc. to your response to my message.

Please tell your students, that my students will be on television, talking about the games they are learning from them.

I have learned how to use Skype and would love to have a video conference with you and your students.

哇哇~他的學生要上電視談他們這個"Games around the world"!!


我將Westmoreland國小的小朋友的來信掃成電子檔, 傳至Flickr


總共有4封, 分別來自Lori, Riley, Grace, Kylie.

我也請了6年6班4位小朋友給他們回信, 這禮拜我會準備好回信所需的相關資源,


由於他們可能會透過Skype跟我們做視訊, 雖然很怕會冷場,(會不會我們這邊都很安靜無聲~~),

但只要事先準備可以聊的話題, 應該就可以了吧??


所以, 6年6班要加油啊! 請大家想一想可以聊些什麼,想要問他們什麼?