Step 1:

輸入ePals網址 http://www.epals.com/ 

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在畫面右邉Log in處輸入你的帳號及密碼!


user name 輸入給你們的email帳號,例如你的email是 alp09tom@epals.com , user name就是alp09tom, password不方便在這裡公開, 請來找我,或留言給我!!

Step 3: 

重設密碼請至My Profile中的Reset去做設定


Step 4: 



Step 5:



有問題, 可以留言, 或寫mail 給我~


這是上課用的ppt檔 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10594542/self-intro.ppt

是較基礎的看我介紹, 但是比較制式.



我隨機挑了幾篇, 給大家參考.

多看別人寫的mail, 會更知道可以怎麼寫.

如果覺得可以拿來用的, 就不用客氣囉…

記得每封信都寫個主旨 (subject)


Subject: Hey!!

Hi Milktea,
My name is Karli. I am 12 years old, but not for long my birthday is coming up soon. I go to Elkins MIddle School, and I’m in seventh grade. I would really like to know about your language and where you live on the island.

 My favorite thing to do outside of school is definitely soccer. I love to play soccer! I’m on my Middle School’s soccer team. This is the first year that my Middle School has a soccer team. We just had our first game last night. I also have a dog, her name is Joy. Once I graduate from High School, I want to go to collage. I want to go to Marshall University or West Virginia University. I want to major in either being an elementary school teacher, a vetanarian, a nurse, or a pro fessional soccer player.

 I’m not a picky eater so i like a bunch of foods, but my favorites are probably icecream, tacos, spagetti, and cesar salad. My favorite meal is something my mom makes. She makes homemade frenchfries, then she puts taco meat and cheese on them, and then she puts them in the oven to bake. The other thing she makes with it is chicken with taco seasoning on it. She doesn’t make it very often, but when she does it’s really good!

 I’m excited, because it’s my first year doing ePals. Well that’s all. I hope to hear back from you soon. We will be back in the computer lad Friday the 17th, to replay to your emails!


Subject: Hello
 Hey Juna:

My name is Cody. I am 12 years old. I live in a small city called Elkins. Elkins is located in West Virginia. I will turn 13 on September 30th. The school I go to is called Elkins Middle School. I am in the seventh grade. I would like to ask you some questions about your school. What is your school called, where is your school located, and what grade your in?

The foods I like to eat are Italian foods such as spaghetti, pasta, and subs. I also like seafood such as crab legs, shrimp, and fish. What are some of your favorite foods?

The sports I play are baseball, basketball, and racing and riding dirt-bikes. My hobbies are racing dirt-bikes every weekend. Do you play any sports and do you have any hobbies? If so I would like to know what they are.

I can’t wait to here from you. Feel free to ask me any questions you would like to know.

                                               your friend,

Subject:Hello From America
Dear Eve,
  Hey Eve,my name is Hailea. I am 12 years old,getting ready to turn 13. I am currently in the seventh grade at Elkins Middle School. My school is located in Randolph County,Elkins,West Virginia. Where in Taiwan do you live,and where do you go to school there?

I do many different things out of school,I’m vey active. the sprts I am currently in is soccer and cross country. If you dont know what cross country is,it’s a running sport where you have 7 of the top runners on varsity and we run long distances. Usually our meets are 1.9-2.5 miles long.the scoring is very different than other sports,whatever place you come in that’s how many points you get for your team. They add up all the points for the 7 runners and the lowest score out of all the teams win. the other sports I do is track and I’m going to try out for our school’s basketball team this year. The events I run in track is the 4×4,200 meter hurdles,400 meter,and the 100 meter dash. What sports do you do in your spare time?

  My hobbies include rollerskating,skiing,swimmimg,and four wheeler riding. What are your favorite hobbies? I have 3 pets,2 dogs and 1 cat. My dogs names are Benji(silky terrior) and Trixxie(golden retriever/yellow lab. My cats name is Amy and she is a calico. Do u have any pets?dom you know what you want to be when you grow up? I want to graduate high school and go to college and then I want to be vet or a docter.

     I have many different favorite food. I like Italian, Japenese<and Chinese food too. My favorite Italian food is five cheese ziti,which is 5 different kinds of cheese with noodles. I like Terryoki Chicken too,which is Japenese food. I love to eat at Olive Garden,Hibachi Steakhouse, and Fuddrucker’s(it"s a hamburger place.) My favorite desserts is pumpkin cheesecake, blizzards,abd butterscotch pie. I love smoothies and pina coladas. What is your favorite food and drinks?

 If you want to know anything else about me just ask! I really hope we can be good friends and talk the rest of the year. I hope I hear from you soon,so we can write back and forth to each other. I will be back in the computer lab Friday the 17th to write back to you. So, for now talk to you later bye!!!

                                                                  Hailea Harper

Subject: Hello
Hello Brenda,

My name is Kelci. I am thirteen years old and I’m in the seventh grade at Elkins middle school. I have blonde hair and blue eyes,I’m five foot four and I love sports.I play basketball and softball for Elkins middle school.Do you play any sports?

 I am very excited to talk to you and find out more about you culture.I find your country very interesting,and would love to learn some more about it.If you have any questions about America please feel free to ask.

What’s your favorite things to do when you get out of school? I enjoy playing basketball with my friends or going to an Elkins middle school football games.As I said before I love sports I don’t play football but I watch it on TV. My favorite team in college is the west Virginia mountaineers. Do you like football or any sports?

Well, I will be back on to talk to you on 9/17/10. I’m excited to read what you have to say. Talk to you then.

















Sönder Vium Friskole email 交換

1. Maria  2. Lisa  3. Anitta  4. Sasja  5. Pernille 6. Anja  7. Anette  8. Camilla  9. Mads  10. Mathilde

11. Karen  12. Kirstine  13. Kristine  14. Lasse  15. Daniel 16. Thomas  17. Karl  18.  Charlotte  19. Fie  20. Henrik

21. Christina  22. Jona  23. Henrik  24. Ronni  25. Tomas 26. Tobias  27. Malthe  28. Miki

Not on the pic: Alexander, Emil og Jesper (沒有在照片中)

這是Denmark丹麥一所私立中學 Sönder Vium Friskole (不是英語,是丹麥文)


學校網站: http://www.svfriskole.dk/

看得懂嗎? 我也看不懂,記得用google翻譯一下.

他們也是中學的學生, 大概是12-15歲,





除了 mail外,還會交換照片等.


輸人不輸陣呀! 同學, 我們也要拍一張很炫的團體照.






並不是製式的傳統介紹, 內容很生活化,

大家可以參考一下, 來個不一樣的自我介紹.

下面這個文件all about me是ePals(網路筆友)內所附的學習單, 供大家參考.

1st worksheet – all about me


我在課堂上強調過, 每個人的能力不同,

並不會要求每人做一樣的事, 以一樣的基準為大家評分, 只要盡力就好.


  1. My name is _____________________________ .
  2. My birthday is on _________________________.
  3. I am _______________. (age)
  4. I am _______________ centimeters tall.
  5. I love _______________. (hobby/sport/pet)
  6. My favorite color is _______________________.
  7. My favorite season is ______________________.


Hi! My name is Betty. My birthday is on May 23rd. I am 12 years old. I’m 145 cm tall. I love singing and dancing. My favorite color is pink. My favorite season is summer. Nice to meet you.

畫底線的部分請替換成自己. 可以完成如這個範例的自我介紹,可以得到基本80分, 如果想要更高的分數, 可以加上如ePals All about me學習單上的其它問題.



personality adjective