Greeting from Argentina

 今天早上收到第二封來信了! Argentina!

是哪個國家呢?? 猜猜看!



 學校名Leopoldo Lugones



Contend from the Postcard:

Hello Dear Friends:

We are from Oncativo, a city in the province of Cordoba. Our city has got 15,000 inhabitans. It is a quiet, agricultural city. There are some international companies like “Claas" in our city. We also have a theatre, the police station, many squares, two parks, two big club, many shops and schools. Our school is called Leopoldo Lugones. It is the only one Secondary School that has 3 shifts: the morning, afternoon and evening shifts. We go to the evening shift and we are 22 in our class. We are between 15 and 19 years old.

Hope you like our city! 3rd A



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