Digital Story Exchange


從單純將學校生活照上傳, 和合作的小學們分享, 互相評論的Photo Exchange Project,

經過幾次修正, 終於定案, 除了拍照外, 還要將照片製成digital story數位故事.


從最簡單的powerpoint簡報, windows內建的movie maker, 魅力四射…等等.


  1. Students will understand that digital storytelling is an effective way to have their voices heard and make a meaningful connection with others.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the role images play in a story and will create or find appropriate images to support their story.
  3. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of digital storytelling.  They will translate their words and images into a digital story in such a way that others will understand or appreciate their point of view.
Essential Questions
  1. What is digital storytelling?
  2. What are the elements of a good story?
  3. Why do people tell stories?
  4. How is my personal story the same or different from others?

數位故事的主題有兩個: My School & My Country, 以下為執行方式

My School

照片來源: 學生實際在校拍照 (Class602)

將學校這個主題, 分成5個層面, 將學生分成五小組去拍攝

  • Inside my schoolbag
  • Campus 校園環境
  • Class Routines 例行活動 (早自修,午休,,各科上課情形)
  • Break time 下課時間
  • Lunch time 午餐

My Country

照片來源: 學生上網搜集(Class 606)

將國家這個主題, 分成6個層面, 將學生分成六小組去搜尋

  • 宗教與節慶 Religion & Festival
  • 人口, 族群與語言 Ethnicity & Language
  • 文化 Culture
  • 觀光景點 Tourist Spots
  • 交通 Transportation
  • 地理氣候 Land & Climate

待學生搜集完照片後, 至電腦教室, 用google簡報共同編輯, 先製成簡略簡報檔,只要把照片照上, 加上簡單文字.

運用animoto及prezi軟體, 編輯成數位故事.


之後請各個參與的學校至平台上相互觀摩彼此的作品, 加以評論.


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